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sugar sugar January 21, 2009

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My face has been breaking out once again.  I go through periods of relative calm followed by spells that fill my face with pimples that deserve their own zip code.  Not just one – they creep up one by one for a week until I’m covered in ugly bumps that resist my usual 10% benzoyl peroxide routine.  The 10% stuff does speed up their disappearance, but dries the hell out of my skin.  I’m left with scaly scabs and white flakes covering my breakout zone (along the jawline and chin).  Good times.  I discovered concealer a couple of weeks ago, which has made it a lot easier to go outside without a hood over my head.  I have tried to combat the dry skin with liberal use of moisturizer, but that just hydrates the flakes of skin all over my face.  After looking in the mirror today, I realized I needed to combat the outer layer of skin itself.  As in, get rid of it.

When I visited my mother in New Jersey, she let me try this facial scrub stuff she had.  I have no idea what the ingredients were, perhaps ground up unicorn horn and lavender.  She effused about how it would leave my skin glowing and soft, two things my skin has never been.  After grinding the scrub into my pores for a few minutes, I didn’t feel like it made much of an impression.  My skin didn’t radiate with a new found light or feel soft as rabbit hide.

Still, I didn’t want to give up on the idea that the detritus could be sloughed off my face in some way.  I Googled “sugar face scrub” and found lots of lame recipes that called for a half cup of almond oil and five drops of orange essence.  What the people who wrote these helpful articles fail to realize is I’d rather spend money buying an expensive ready-made exfoliant than waste money on random ingredients that are going to go bad in my pantry.  No, I wanted simplicity.

I scooped about a tablespoon of sugar in a small bowl and drizzled some olive oil (about a half teaspoon) over it, and stirred the two together with my fingers until the mixture was uniform.  Rubbing the stuff straight on my face didn’t work, so I got my fingertips just a little wet, enough to make it possible to spread the scrub around my cheeks.  I rubbed in a circular motio- shit this hurts!  Sugar is rough.  If you are a delicate flower, or otherwise have nice clear skin, I do not recommend this procedure to you.  I’m used to abusing my skin, so I kept at it until all the sugar was dissolved.  I rinsed off with warm water and took a look in the mirror.  There were still some patches of dryness, so I took a pinch more of the sugar-oil scrub and worked on them.  Rinse, pat dry, sit back, and appreciate.  My face is baby soft!  Right now I’m trying to not touch it with my greasy fingertips.  It’s pretty amazing.  My skin glows – if glowing means radiating angry red.  I applied two rounds of my usual moisturizer, which despite having been polished with olive oil, my skin drank up.  I am not sure if I’d go through this routine every day, but maybe every three days would be appropriate.  Only time will tell if this actually improves my skin for the long term.  After battling bad skin for almost fifteen years, I would love a solution that comes out of the kitchen cabinet.

Clip of one of my favorite Talking Heads songs – \”Sugar on My Tongue\”